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Famous Faces

Being one of the premier video production companies on the net right now, the team behind this site had a lare budget to spend on getting some of the biggest names in porn on board and filming for the site, which means you are greeted by those you will have seen many times before (whether it be on a DVD release or if you saw it on the web somewhere). Right now your probably wondering what kind of girls they are so you can see if you know them so why don't you try on Gianna and Sara for size.

Group Sex

It's not as if we came along one day and thought about making a site focused on breasts and cleavage and then decided to recruit a few girls to get fucked on film for us, if only it was that simple. It required months of planning and organisation to get the shoots in place and we really pushed the boat out when we decided that scenes featuring more than one girl working the cock at the same time would be a great thing to see, for example these two hotties impressed in their time in front of the lens and only inspired us further into making future updates more adventurous sexually in order to please the members and fans who enjoy the free material outside of the site.

Member Ratings

A pretty unique feature that we put into the main tour as well as the paid area is the fact that after you watch a video or browse through a certain picture set you can choose to give it a rating from 1-10 and that will go on to serve others as a recommendation on what they should watch as well as the site owners on what girls to call back for more shoots in the future. You can also submit suggestions for future videos and any comments you have on the technical side of the site through their contact forms that have people waiting 5 days a week to answer your questions and ensure that your time as a member is very enjoyable.

DVD Quality

Obviously the best way to enjoy all of the content we have uploaded is to have a broadband internet connection and to view the movies that we offer at the highest resolution available, if you don't know whether this will be possible then it's OK because we've set up a free zone that enables you to download preview clips for absolutely no cost at all and there is at least three of each individual scene so you will get a good idea of how we theme our updates and what the girls in them are like (as if you don't already know that from the name of the site).

Four Different Formats

We know how often in the past people have had the issue where you sign up to a new site and go to download the episodes and it turns out you can't play them because they are in the wrong file format or you don't have the correct codec. So when we were developing our site we decided to make every possible way to view the scenes available so that those browsing them have a chance to decide. Inside Big Titty Bangers you can view our material in WMV, XVID, on your iPod using our mobile settings or you can just watch them in your browser thanks to our Youtube-style flash video player applet that will stream the video straight to your computer without requiring any load times or having to launch any software.

Our Huge Network

When you signup to this site, you will get membership to over 100 more as a bonus due to the fact that all of our websites operate in one network which means unlike others where you will get one new video and girl per week, you get many per day with us thanks to the way that we let anyone who enjoys our material view the full portfolio that is being put out onto the web. Inside the network there is the equivalent of 2,000 DVDs of porn which means you will never get bored and seeing as we are adding more all the time, it will never get stale either.

Girls from all over the world

Don't think that we just go for the normal busty white girls with blonde or brunette hair when you see the promotional banners at the top and bottom of the page. Here we are much more going for the exotic card which means sending our recruitment agents out across every major continent in order to get models who might be interested in appearing for us and then bringing them back to the United States so that we can film them in the quality and situations that were are used to.

Trials & Pricing

You may be used to the stereotype that all online porn sites which charge a fee for access cost around $30 a month and there is no exception to this, but we were one of the first in the industry to introduce trial access periods in which you pay a very small amount and you get unrestricted use of the member's area for one all the way up to five days depending on what you would like, although the average is three. This allows our fans a lot of time to consider whether they want to pay the normal price for a full membership while getting a taste for what the girls inside and the user interface is like.

Big Titty Bangers is a must-have site for you booty lovers

Like these heavy chested girls but want more variety in your material?

We've produced many sites to ensure that people who want different niches can enjoy every single one of them, so if you would like a change of models then Baby Got Boobs might do the trick, although you may have come here looking for the other type of booty at the other end of the body, in which case I would recommend you going on a Big Ass Adventure.

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